EQUAL – Welcome

Welcome to the website of the EQUAL-study, a European QUALity Study on treatment in advanced chronic kidney disease.

With this study we hope to learn more about patients of 65 years and older with advanced chronic kidney disease. We will focus on decision-making regarding their treatment and the care that they receive. Additionally, we will evaluate the patients’ preferences and their quality of life. Among others, we will answer the following study questions: How should doctors take the signs and symptoms of patients into account in their decision-making regarding if and when to start dialysis? What is the best method to determine kidney function in patients of 65 years and older? What do patients consider as important in deciding if and when to start dialysis? Besides these examples, many more research questions will be addressed in this international EQUAL Study (Read more)

This website provides you with general information about the EQUAL Study. If you have any remaining questions, please contact the national or international investigators.

To be re-directed to the online data entry tool for entering clinical data in our Case Record Form (CRF), please click the EQUAL logo below (for registered users only).



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