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The Netherlands – Amsterdam (International coordinator):
Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam
Group lead: Prof. Dr. Kitty Jager
Other members: Nick Chesnaye

Germany – Würzburg (national coordinator):
Group lead: Dr. C. Drechsler
Other Members: Prof. C. Wanner and S. Palm

Italy – Calabria (national coordinator):
Reggio Calabria
Group lead: Dr. M. Postorino
Other members: C. Torino and T. Porto

The Netherlands – Leiden (national coordinator):
Leiden Universitair Medisch Centrum, Leiden
Group lead: Prof. Dr. Friedo Dekker
Other members: Merel van Diepen, Cynthia Janmaat, Pauline Voskamp

Sweden – Stockholm (national coordinator):
Karolinska Institute, Stockholm

Group lead: Dr. Marie Evans

United Kingdom – Bristol (national coordinator):
Southmead Hospital, Bristol

Group lead: Dr. Fergus Caskey
Other members: H. McNally

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