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EQUAL – General Information

At a certain moment patients with advanced chronic kidney disease may need renal replacement therapy like dialysis or kidney transplantation. For elderly patients, this most likely will be treatment with dialysis. If we compare today’s dialysis patients with patients of twenty years ago, we would see that the ‘average’ dialysis patient has changed from a relatively young patient into an older person with diabetes mellitus or hypertension as cause of kidney disease who has multiple co-morbidities. Due to the complexity of health problems or personal circumstances (like disabilities or support from the family), elderly patients may have different barriers or opinions than younger patients regarding the (dis)advantages of specific medical treatments, like treatment with dialysis. Doctors therefore may need to redefine optimal care for elderly patients with advanced chronic kidney disease.

The EQUAL Study is a prospective, observational cohort study in renal centers in Germany, Italy, Sweden, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom. In these countries we aim to include 3500 patients of 65 years and older, with advanced chronic kidney disease, but who did not start renal replacement therapy yet. In the future, we will expand our study to include more countries and a larger group of patients.

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