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EQUAL – Data Collection

Many of the data as collected for the EQUAL Study are part of routine care. Data will be collected at baseline, at 6 months intervals, at the start of dialysis, and at the end of the study (death or 4 years after inclusion). In patients with an estimated glomerular filtration of ≤ 10 ml/min/1.73m2, data will be collected at 3 months intervals until the end of the study. We collect the data with patient questionnaires and doctor/nurses questionnaires.

With the patient questionnaires we collect data on:

-Uremic signs and symptoms
-Quality of Life: SF-36 form
-Decision-making: Questions about the information given to the patients and about patient preferences regarding treatment
-Patient satisfaction: Renal Treatment Satisfaction Questionnaire

With the doctors/nurses questionnaires (via a web-based clinical data entry tool) we collect data on:

-Demographics and primary renal disease (PRD) of the patients according to the ERA-EDTA PRD coding system
-Co-morbidity of patients
-Treatment characteristics, including medication and dietary prescription
-Surgery and hospitalisation
-Nutritional status via the Subjective global assessment (SGA)
-Routine biochemistry.

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